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OSS's philosophy is to respect the past but focus on the future. Although the new world of response able systems is new and exciting, this ever-increasing acceptability and introduction of open source technologies into existing and legacy systems identifies the need to understand the process of integration and the ability to identify and tune open source components that meet requirements.

Open Source Storage solutions go beyond the traditional open source implementation--strictly identifying the appropriate software application from the millions of open source technologies available and throwing them at the wall.

At OSS, every open source software application is a file that serves a stated purpose, first tested and validated to determine its overall quality and fit-for-purpose, and only then integrated into the whole. Our total solutions are created by leveraging the product line or building block approach of both hardware and software stack components, and systematically tuning them for optimum performance and scalability.

Cloud Solutions

The Open Source Storage Cloud family offers pre-configured cloud solutions that can extend private cloud capabilities (when needed) or in hybrid cloud mode as it supports integration with popular public cloud platforms. Simplify and easily consolidate your infrastructure without losing the processing power or management capabilities required by your data infrastructure. Each system is pre-loaded with a qualified, integrated, and secure open source software stack.

Basic features include: No annual licensing fee, all open source software, and open standard components. OSS Cloud solutions support the following building blocks:


  • Compute Server 2U 4 in 1 (4) Nodes or 2 in 1 (2) Nodes
  • Storage Server 2U (1) Node
  • Disk Subsystem 4U – 44x3.5”hot swap top loaded bays

Storage Solutions

The Open Source Storage family provides the storage solution as either a stand-alone subsystem or as an integration with our cloud solution. Using a building block approach for hardware and software, we customize and tune integrated storage management software stacks at the factory in a turn-key solution that address scalability requirements from startups to large enterprise systems. OSS Storage Solutions supports the following building blocks:

  • Storage Server 2U (1) Node,
  • Disk Subsystem 4U – 44x3.5” hot swap top loaded bays, OR
  • iSCSI Disk Subsystem (NAS) 2U (1) Node

Building on the commodity hardware as components, OSS leverages open source software stacks such as OpenStack and Maria DB Cluster and tunes them at the factory, providing a turnkey solution.      

Performance Optimization

Open Source Storage realizes that performance matters, and our systems are shipped from the factory with the software preloaded. Our highly-integrated systems are optimized to meet the demands of today’s cloud computing, data storage, and media serving environments.

It would seem that while the hardware and software have become open source, the success of an IT organization comes from the intellectual property of putting the pieces together and managing the continuous changes and enhancements that occur in the open source world. It’s no secret; performance has become a critical measure of success for any software system (due to its critical impact on the user experience and efficiency of performing software related job tasks).

In the use of open source, software evolves rapidly through the following: code commits into the community supporting feature enhancements, defect resolution, or refactoring. Although most changes preserve the software’s functionality, these changes can create significant performance degradation, known as performance regression. It’s easy to say that in an ideal world, performance is engineered into the software starting early in the development process; however, in reality, many implemented software processes are based on a “Build it to Run, Build it to Run Right, Build it to Run Fast” strategy at different phases of the lifecycle process.

For example, open source software “Built to Run” and placed into the community is downloaded and then adapted to “Run Right” in the given environment as part of the integration process. After integration and “go live”, when performance problems occur, swarms of people in “crisis mode” (using their favorite unique toolset) rush to determine the problems by tweaking, reallocating, and sometimes rewriting portions of the software in order to find acceptable solutions to make it “Run Fast” before it becomes a “CNN moment.”

When it comes to performance optimization that keeps you out of the news, OSS has your back! Go Open.

Software Development

Open Source Storage offers software development, integration, and customization services designed to provide customers with a holistic end-to-end approach to their open source technologies implementation. Open Source Storage can help you define, design, develop, and implement open source or proprietary software solutions to meet your growing business needs.  

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